Candle Care 101: Tips for Maximising Burn Time

Candle Care 101: Tips for Maximising Burn Time

Candle Care 101: Maximise your Candle Burn Time

Candles have the power to transform any space into a haven of warmth and tranquility. To ensure you get the most out of your favorite candles, proper care is essential. In this Candle Care 101 guide, we'll explore simple yet effective tips to maximizs burn time and keep your candles burning beautifully.

  1. Trim Those Wicks: The key to a clean and efficient burn starts with wick maintenance. Before each use, trim the wick to about 1/4 inch. This prevents the wick from becoming too long, causing excessive flickering, smoking, and uneven burning.

  2. Avoid Tunneling: Tunneling occurs when a candle burns down the center, leaving a thick outer rim of unused wax. To prevent this, allow your candle to burn long enough for the entire surface to melt during the first use. This sets the stage for an even burn every time.

  3. Burn in Increments: Limit each burn to a few hours to prevent overheating and ensure an even pool of melted wax. Extinguish the flame and let the candle cool before relighting.

  4. Mind the Drafts: Avoid placing candles in drafty areas as this can cause uneven burning and may result in the wick leaning. Choose a sheltered spot to enjoy a more consistent burn.

  5. Store Candles Properly: Preserve the quality of your candles by storing them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Sunlight and heat can affect the color, fragrance, and texture of the wax. A dark, cool cupboard is an ideal storage spot.

  6. Invest in a Wick Trimmer: While scissors may suffice, a wick trimmer is a game-changer for candle enthusiasts. These specialised tools make trimming wicks a breeze, ensuring a clean cut at the perfect length.

  7. Center Your Wicks: Before lighting, make sure the wick is centered in the middle of the candle. This ensures an even burn and prevents one side of the candle from melting faster than the other.

  8. Reuse That Wax: Consider melting the leftover wax and pouring it into a small wax warmer or a new container. This not only reduces waste but also lets you enjoy every last bit of your favorite scents.

Candle care is an art that enhances the longevity and beauty of your favorite candles. By incorporating these simple tips into your candle routine, you'll not only maximise burn time but also elevate your overall candle experience. Illuminate your space with care and enjoy the enchanting glow of well-maintained candles.

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